How To Use UVB Grow Lights To Boost The Flavor Of Your Harvest?

Sometimes placing LED grow light at right distance & beam angle, in right number of LED panel and right band spectrum are not enough to grow indoor and get robust result. An additional feature of LED grow lights such as ultra violate, and infrared phototherapy can help you to get the maximum result as increasing amount of UVB radiation increase the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) by 28 percent that is highly effective for every stage of plant growing. You may think exposing yourself to UV rays for a long period of time will be harmful, yes it is harmful to human but not for plants. Here is the answer.

Ultra violate is not something that every LED grow light features, but it is worth to use it once when it comes to indoor growing as it works as the supercharger for your plants. Sunlight is the combination of every protein and vitamin that a plant need including ultra violate B, UVC and UVA in the minimal amount as it is an essential for plants.

Defense Mechanism

Exposing plants to ultra violate radiation for a certain amount of time ignites the defense mechanism in plants. The plants than have greater resistant to insects and other entities that tends to harm the plants as it produces 15 percent defense proteins in the plants. According to the research of washing state university UV rays also affects the plant growth, metabolism and development positively. However, exposing your plants for more than certain period of time can also damage the plant and decrease the rate of growth of your plants.  You can add blue and red diodes in a range of 315-400nm in your LED lighting system  as it produces light of wavelength similar to the ultra violate rays to have positive effects on plants.

Whenever it comes to growing marijuana and other cannibals research shows that exposing plants to UVB rays in the short burst can be beneficial instead of harmful and can really boost the growth of your plants. 

Ignite The Photosynthesis Process

Photosynthesis is an imperative process to grow your plant quick and healthy and get the robust result. Having sufficient light sources for photosynthesis can help plants to grow easy and fast but with insufficient light photosynthesis really is not easy. When it comes to ultra, violate lights even short time exposure of indoor plants to UV can enhance the photosynthesis process by increasing the heat energy and light penetration of plants to produces more required proteins for the plant. According to researchers, UV-B has apositive effect on certain species of various growing stages of flowering and vegetation. UV-B also helps when it comes to the cloning of plants. There is a limited manufacturer who produces LED grow light featuring UV-B and infrared to adjust right band spectrum and hence, grow indoor.

UV-B can be harmful to ahuman if exposing to it fora long time but when it comes to plants, it is one of the most important entities to grow the plant healthy & quickly.

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